Parents, are you looking for something for your kids to do to stay active, engaged and excited during their winter break? Campers, are you missing camp, wanting to see old friends again and maybe introduce other friends to camp so they will want to come with you this summer? We’ve got the answer! Come spend the weekend up here with us at Crosley.  Summer Camp Director, Grant, is replacing his summer camp director hat, with his Santa hat, and along with Joe Case, our Groups Director is planning all kinds of fun like big outdoor games in the snow and sledding (weather permitting), a winter camp version of Mock Rock competition, monster cookie baking competition, a white elephant gift contest, Camp Winter Olympic Games and more!

Cost is only $115, and registration is online at

Drop off is between 5-6 PM  EASTERN on Friday Night at the Dining Hall and Pick Up is at 10 AM EASTERN at the dining hall.  Dinner is served at 6:30 pm on Friday Night.